I had some tax and creditor issues due largely to the downturn in the economy.  It was stressful enough just trying to keep my company afloat during that time, then the collection calls started.  It's very difficult to keep going when there are so many obstacles in the way.  That's when I found Emerge180.  They alleviated a ton of stress and helped me get back on my feet again.  They got the collection calls stopped and left me the time and energy to do what was needed to get my company going again.  Their staff is friendly, compassionate and always available to address any concerns.  Most importantly, they are excellent at what they do and they save me a lot of money.  I would highly recommend them to anyone.

C. Bakkes

We would highly recommend Emerge180.  Their phenomenal mediation skills have greatly assisted our company since 2008 on both creditor and tax matters.  They are always available to discuss any issues we may have, and we have been extremely pleased with their quick turnaround time.

H. Hermes

Thank you very much for all your help with our case.  When we had little clarity about our situation, your company stepped in to help.  As we worked to get our situation cleared up and revised, you were there backing us up.  Now that we have cleared up our business matters, our business with Emerge180 is complete, to our satisfaction.  Thank you once again for everything.


A. Leonard

Dear Emerge180 Team,

It is not easy to describe what you have done for our family both personally and professionally.  Your team has worked on our behalf tirelessly for the past two years to work with our creditors and keep us from Bankruptcy.  Our ability to provide correspondence to those creditors and the IRS that Emerge180 was representing us was immeasurable.  All of the threatening phone calls and correspondence was not bearable.  Your team corresponding and speaking directly with these individuals saved our lives.  The way you negotiated very fairly on both parts was so appreciated.  Most of all, we are sincerely grateful for what you have done for us personally.  Our stress level was unbearable at times.  Your team has always been one phone call away to assist with any of our challenges.

Thank you all for everything, we are in now in such a better place.  The difference in how we feel from the day we started working with you is a complete turnaround.  We are forever grateful. 

We will continue to refer you to everyone we know.

Michael and Shannon Green

 I greatly appreciate your relentless effort to assist me during one of the most frustrating and difficult period of my life.  I am blessed to have met you.

Hope Anderson

I am a chef and restaurant owner without any business experience. I was always busy in the kitchen and neglected my office duties. I worked 14+ hours a day in the kitchen and ignored my mail and missed payments and paper filings. The truth of the matter is I was in a position to be able to pay off bills, but my paperwork was sorely lacking-- as time went on, I kept getting further and further away from being able to get myself out of the mess. Slowly as things got out of hand, I started getting phone calls and receiving mail from agencies and lawyers making promises to help me with debt collections. I opened my mail one day and I stumbled upon a lawsuit from a phone company I was in disagreement with. It just so happened that I had gotten a call from Janet Haas from Emerge180-- she was aware of the lawsuit and asked if I needed help with the matter. What separated her from all the other phone calls I got was that she didn't harass me one bit. All the others used scare tactics and made it sound like I had no choice but to enlist their help. While I reluctantly started to go through the process of enlisting help, things got out of hand from the restaurant. I woke up to a phone call from my managers that a deputy entered the premises and locked down our transactions right in front of customers. I immediately called Janet, and she transferred me directly to Jonathan Field. Over the phone, Jonathan explained the situation, called the deputy and asked him to leave the premises. At first, the deputy refused to leave, but Jonathan made a couple of phone calls and was able to get the deputy to leave the premises. After that, Jonathan earned my trust, and I turned over all my urgent matters to Emerge180. They patiently walked me through everything and reassured me that things would get better. Fast forward 3 years, Emerge180 resolved matters with the IRS, the state, the Board of Equalization, and Workman's Comp. It took 3 years, but I have learned that it takes patience getting papers and filings in order and working with federal and state agents. Thanks to Jonathan Field, Don Fairley and the rest of the team at Emerge180, I have stopped receiving letters and phone calls, my paperwork is in order, and my business is on solid footing.


We have experienced such great satisfaction in the privilege to be working with you and Emerge180.

Emerge180 kept us and our company from going into BK; as none of our creditors were willing to work with us. Emerge180 came along side and negotiated terms with our creditors on our behalf that we could not achieve on our own. Through this entire process, Emerge180 kept us apprised upon every payment that was due so that we could make sure funds were available, follwed through and kept us on track until conclusion.

We are GLAD to refer Emerge180 to persons in need of this needed service.

Daniel and Stephanie Westover
California Security Concepts

[...] Emerge180 has steered us thru some very troubled waters, helping my company consult with creditors and the IRS. You negotiated terms with our creditors, which we could not have achieved on our own. Emerge180 was both diligent and supportive. Not only did you follow thru with each step of the process, but also you were encouraging and compassionate. Your fees are more than fair considering the time spend and knowlege that was given to each case.

Ebe Walter
President, Pennyworth Homes,Inc.

After a private label project went bad, we were left with thousands of dollars worth of packaging we could not use. We found ourselves not able to pay the bill. Mark Sperling of Emerge180 reached out to assist us. Their staff was a delight to work with. They were professional, respectful and not aggressive. They even reimbursed the retainer we paid them when they found out we were able to settle with our vendor. I would highly recommend Emerge180 to any business that for some reason finds themselves in a financial situation with a vendor and needs help remedying it.

Pamela Fredrickson
Founder and CEONaughty Biscotti,Inc.

Emerge Solid. Emerge Ready. Emerge180.