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Emerge180 exists to help small business owners and entrepreneurs stay on track throughout their entire business journey. From the highs and lows, setbacks and successes, from beginning to end, our team of experts and tailored services are there to assist at every point. Our clients can rest assured knowing that our sole focus is to help them realize their business goals and potential.

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Client Services

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Company Services

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Accounting & Administrative

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Client Engagement

Creditor Negotiations

Emerge180 specializes in saving businesses by intervening and resolving financial matters before it's too late. Knowing the warning signs as well as prompt and effective resolution is vital to the sustainability of any small business.

What Makes Us Different

Emerge180 focuses on success by guaranteeing definitive business results. We consider it our privilege to do business and explain the options we have available to resolve financial matters.

We are the best at what we do but in the rare case we are unable to secure a settlement, no costs are incurred and any monies paid to us will be refunded. All costs are stated before we begin working together, so business owners know exactly what to expect.

Company Services

Our company services department does everything to get your business going and maximize your potential growth. We can help you form your business, meet annual filing requirements, and get licensed to operate in multiple states.

Business Tax Credits

We also specialize in helping businesses secure tax credits, having secured over $50M in credits since 2020, and minimizing taxes paid by both the business and its owners. Additionally, we defend businesses facing IRS and State tax issues, including audit defense and collections cases, with experienced tax professionals. We work closely with our other departments to maximize success in handling your business issues.

Outreach & Consulting

Emerge180 helps clients navigate complex technical and security landscapes by delivering actionable recommendations to business leaders.

Technical Challenges

  • Part-time COO, CTO and CISO Services
  • Focus on startups
  • Refinement of business objectives
  • Integration advisory services
  • Insights on finance, tax, information technology, product, R&D strategy and supply chain

Security Challenges

  • Insights on audit, risk and compliance
  • External security testing and monitoring
  • Audit readiness and advisory services
  • Cybersecurity readiness

Particular Focus

  • Healthcare
  • Financial services
  • High tech
  • Investment services
  • Manufacturing

Accounting & Administrative

Business Support Services

Emerge180 offers support services to new and existing clients which includes taking over the day-to-day tasks of accounting, tax preparation and payroll processing. These services help clients stay compliant and frees up valuable time to focus on other important aspects of running a business.

Our Team

Jonathan Field

President & Founder

For more than 20 years, Jonathan has partnered with business owners to return their enterprises to profitability. Jonathan views entrepreneurs as the strength and backbone of America's dynamic economy. His mission is to provide the tools and techniques to help business owners restore financial stability during challenging times. At Emerge180, you will find him continually focused on bringing integrity to every transaction, with every client, every day.
A graduate of West Point with an MBA from I.E.S.E in Barcelona, Spain, Jonathan is also licensed to practice before the IRS as an Enrolled Agent. His extensive career includes the rank of Captain in the U.S. Army, hospital administrator, insurance executive, and small business owner. Throughout this time, he has remained active in the community while seizing opportunities to lead both small and large organizations.

Vince Albanese

VP, IT Consulting & Development

Vince Albanese is a senior technology advisor to forward thinking, marketing leading technology companies spanning the globe. His clients today work on mission driven projects that include objectives as varied as digitizing Vatican archives, securing documents for the United Nations, opening up DeFi markets, and creating novel identity initiatives. Vince has over 40 years experience in highly regulated industries leading information technology architecture and management for global pharmaceutical manufacturing entities, global payments, deploying the national brokerage infrastructure for savings and loans, healthcare consulting focused on improving system throughput, and a dozen ERP implementations all related to continuous process manufacturing. Vince is active with DirectTrust serving on the Board of Directors, the Executive Board, organization Treasurer, Chair of the Standards Board, Co-Chair of the Innovations Priorities Workgroup and leads the TIM+ Consensus Body. He's also active with charities focused on building resiliency for young Americans particularly related to flight and flight operations. Vince also previously led a national environmental charity recognized by People Magazine as Hero of the Year.

Lisa Williams

VP, Client Engagement

Lisa is a relentlessly passionate executive, with a unique love for tackling the most complex challenges in B2B financial debt resolutions. Graduating with a BS Degree in Accounting from Florida State University, attention to the financial details and cash flow management are a few strengths she processes that helps guide the Client Engagement Division. She leads her team with Passion, Assertiveness, Confidence and Empathy and empowers all in her division to exude these same attributes when engaging with new and existing clients.

Barrett Rodriguez

VP, Corporate Services

Barrett Rodriguez is a Tampa native who graduated from Plant High School. He then attended the University of Florida on academic scholarship and received a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and then a Master’s Degree in Vocational Rehabilitation Counseling. He then attended law school at Florida Coastal School of Law where he graduated magna cum laude in the top 5% of his class and was a member of Law Review. As a student he had an article published in the Florida Coastal School of Law Journal. Prior to joining Emerge, he worked at two large tax resolution companies before becoming CEO at his own tax resolution company. He has handled over 1000 cases with Federal and State taxing authorities. He is admitted to the BAR of Colorado and Florida and has been licensed since 2012.

Michele Muller

VP, Admin & Accounting

Michele takes pride in delivering unrivaled results for our clients and is particularly proud of the talents and skills the Emerge180 team brings. Along with an extensive background in Accounting and Tax Preparation, Michele was a co-owner of a local electrical contracting business. This experience provided her with insights on what kind of assistance small businesses can utilize. Michele is a graduate of Florida Metropolitan University where she graduated cum laude and magna cum laude while obtaining both Associates and Bachelor’s degrees in accounting. Additionally, Michele is aPHR certified in Human Resources.


We've got answers for all of your questions.

Client Engagement

Professional intervention is better for your business. Emerge180 has specialized in creditor negotiations for over 25years, and we are focused on your best interest. Because of our reputation, we are able to achieve settlements no one else can.

You can’t afford not to address your debt. Without proper guidance, you may inadvertently give a creditor a reason to not reduce your debt. We understand cash flow is an issue and we do not require our fees due in full upon resolving the debt. Our accounting department will automatically spread your fees into a six-month payment plan to assist with cash flow restraints.

  • Payroll is difficult to fund
  • Bounced company checks
  • Key indicators in the Accounts Payables Aging Report
  • Suppliers cease delivers
  • Vendors pull terms or demand COD

  • No owner compensation
  • Over-using credit cards
  • Changes in health


Emerge180 is completely dedicated to helping small to medium-sized businesses succeed in an increasingly complex and dangerous world. Those risks must be matched against it also being a time of immense opportunity. The balance between these forces requires specific expertise developed at incredible prior cost. Emerge180’s consultants have “been there before” and are dedicated to using that experience to craft a safe and profitable path through a rapidly changing environment.

Emerge180 recognizes that every dollar spent by our customers requires a return on that investment. To maximize the efficiency of an engagement, every project starts with an affordable assessment. No one wants to see the so-called expert show up with all the answers without even asking the questions from those living the problem. That assessment leads to a simple, agile delivery of services with each step or sprint being evaluated and measured for results.

It just takes a phone call and a free one hour evaluation of your pain points.

Company Services

Your business has to have been operating at some point during March 2020 – December 2021 and you have to have paid wages to employees. Certain businesses qualify automatically based on when they opened, but any business can qualify if experienced a significant decline in revenue or was subject to a full or partial shutdown order. Call us and we can talk about your particular situation.

The maximum possible credit is $33,000 per employee. The amount you will get is based on a number of factors including PPP loans received, how much you pay employees, whether you receive certain tax credits and other factors.

We usually finish all of the documents necessary to claim the credit within a couple weeks of receiving your information. Once submitted, it can take 4-8 months before you receive the funds depending on how quickly your claim is processed.

No! It is not a loan like the PPP or the SBA disaster loans. There is no repayment requirement.

Accounting & Administrative

Although By the Hour is usually the most cost effective method for our clients, we do have flat monthly fees for our services which are designed to be all inclusive.

Absolutely! You do not have to utilize all of our services. You can pick the services that would be the most cost effective and of the most help to you.

Yes. We are familiar with most online products.

No. We use high quality software here in our office.